Writing Effective Content for Promoting CPA Websites

Article marketing, marketing a website by writing guest posts for other websites, is becoming fairly common. While spammers have given it a bad rap it’s a perfectly good means for attracting traffic to accounting and CPA websites. Needless to say if you’re only just learning about it you definitely aren’t alone. Most folks who assume they understand SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) are often stuck some years behind. That’s alright – learning is just another component of cultivating a firm.

The difference between article marketing and spam is article quality. Spammers use automated systems to create content that ranges from sheer nonsense to something that looks a lot like bad English. Good content provides the same backlinks to CPA websites, but the quality allows them to be published by better websites. This makes them much more effective both as SEO tools and as traffic bait.

Of course in order for article marketing to drive traffic to your site your posts have to inspire people to actually read them. There are a few simple tricks that can help you do this but first lets clarify the reasons we’re asking you to take the time to do it…

  • Articles get people talking about you. Depending on where you submit them, they’re likely to be read by hundreds or maybe even thousands of individuals the world over. Proof read and fact check. Make sure your article will reflect positively on your firm.
  • Within the articles, you’ll be placing hyperlinks back to your CPA site (or its sister sites), usually from strategically placed words within the text as well as a promotional paragraph at the end of the article. Why, you ask? Well, not only will it prompt readers to click on the links and possibly gain you a customer on the spot, it’ll also give the search engines (Google for example) an extra reason to rank your website closer to the top of its listings. Backlinks, as these hyperlinks are known, are one of the criteria upon which your site will be judged!

With that said, how can you make sure that your articles are the very best they can be – “must read,” if you will? Follow these five easy tips and you’ll soon watch your popularity grow enormously…

1. Don’t spam. You need to deliver interesting, compelling information in a creative way. Your readers should be able to go out and apply this newfound knowledge in their everyday lives. Giving potential customers an interesting read will not only entice them to click on the links within the article, you’ll also be making a good name for yourself as an expert in your niche.

2. Don’t keyword stuff! For one thing keyword stuffing drive away quality publishers and readers. In addition the search engines can usually spot keyword stuffing and if your article is flagged as spam the backlinks become useless. If you use your keywords a few times scattered throughout your article that will be enough. Keyword placement can help, too, so try to use keywords in important places like article titles, introductions, and summary paragraphs.

3. Write to your audience. If you don’t have time to write your own articles, well… welcome to the club. There’s nothing wrong with hiring help, but make sure the share (and write to) your understanding of your clients needs. If your reader feels your article connects with them on a personal or professional level it will be much more effective.

4. Make sure your writer understands at least the basics about your market. They’ll need to understand both the geographical and cultural details of your prospects, and they need to be fluent in English (or whatever language your customers prefer). A badly written article can be incredibly difficult to read and is more likely to put a possibly client off than attract them to your business.

5. Don’t overwhelm your reader with vast swaths of text. Break your article up into short paragraphs and where possible try to consolidate your information into bulleted or numbered lists and outlines. Nobody wants to suffer through an article that feels like a text book. Information is much more easily understood if served in pleasant, easy to chew, bite-sized pieces. Don’t confront or lecture your audience, just enlighten and entertain them. Linked CPA websites are a lot more likely to attract hits if the post is easy to assimilate.

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