Quality internet marketing affiliate programs? (credit cards, etc.)?

Hey all,

This question is aimed at people who are familiar and experienced with internet marketing affiliate programs. NO ANSWERS FROM BROKE PEOPLE PLEASE. I don’t believe in jobs. (j.o.b. = fraud)

I am involved in network marketing and I love it. It’s the only real thing. The other day I was in Downtown Miami and I met this guy in a popular club. He makes 30-40 Gs a month through internet marketing of credit cards. I asked him if he sponsors people, but he said it’s a pure online system (he’s affiliate). He didn’t share what system though. I know for a fact he’s no fake, cause I asked around.

I need info. You guys know any proven systems, books, sources, mags that talk about online affiliates? Most relevant answer wins! Please remember, Give and You Shall Get!

Thank you winners! All the best!
Great answers so far (besides the negative one), there were more answers originally but someone wrongfully reported the question, and the awesome Yahoo! Answers Team put it back on. Thank you all affiliates and positive people for answering my question. You’ve helped me learn a lot so far, and your answers point to the fact that there is a lot to learn in this industry. You guys are awesome! I wish you wisdom and prosperity in your lives!

Hi Young Boss,

Affiliate Marketing can very easily make you $10,000+ a month, but you need to know exactly what you are doing.

You need to follow these key principles:

1. Know what to promote

ClickBank has over 10,000 products to promote. The product you choose has to have excellent gravity, momentum, closing ratio, and of course, most important, it must be giving you a nice chunk of the proceeds.

If you went to ClickBank right now, would you know what to promote?

2. Know where to promote.

Most Affiliate Marketing noobs will just spam their hoplinks on classifieds, and are lucky to make 1 sale before they burn out and give up. I actually found a product that was offering to teach you how to do it! Correct advertisement is about learning where your competition is NOT marketing, and marketing there.

3. Know how to promote:

This most important! A great ad will not only destroy the competition, but get people clicking on your ad and buying like crazy.

For you to get to your friends level of $30k+ a month (and what a bastard he is for not teaching you), you will need to master all of these principles. The only place that is offering it, right now, is in my source link. It also has a load of free videos to get you started, before you even buy.

Once you make you first $30k month, feel free to send me a beer as a sign of your appreciation.

Good luck!

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