looking for a legitimate home business online?

My husband and i have been looking for a home based business for a while and we are not looking to "get rich quick" or "make 100K a month" we are just looking for a simple alternative for both of us to be home with the kids. does anyone have any reasonable suggestions?

Are you guys looking to start your own online home based business from scratch or are you looking for something that is already set up? If you’re looking to start something from scratch, first look at your guy’s skills and hobbies. Do you guys make anything? For example, if you two like making bird houses, then you can focus on that and start selling them. See what I mean? You could also do something service based, such as typing documents for people.

If you’re looking for an online home based business that’s already set up, a Google search will find you a ton. You have to be aware of scams, though. Remember that just because an opportunity asks you for money, especially when it’s a business opportunity, doesn’t automatically make it a scam. Business opportunities generally cost due to supplies. There are free ones out there, though, which is what I’m currently doing.

I hope you find what you and your husband are looking for!

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