Have anyone here ever think about starting there own online home business here ?

There have been hundreds of questions posted about how to start a home-based, internet-based business. Most are just an excuse for spammers to reply with a bunch of get-rich-quick scam suggestions.

Here’s the deal: running a business over the internet is the HOW, not the WHAT.

Step one is to identify an appropriate, promising business idea – one where you’ve identified an un or under-served market and where you have some expertise in the products or services to be provided…let’s say hand-building custom, one of a kind guitars, for instance.

Step two islook to see if there are ways that this these products or services could be effectively provided over the internet. A guitar can be cheaply shipped, so internet sales work fine on that level, but it’s also something that a customer usually wants to handle in person before purchasing, so that could be a challenge. Could you overcome that concern with online video testimonials from respected players? Maybe. It’d be pretty easy to promote the web site and product through a variety of other web sites and magazines that guitar collectors check out often, so that’s a plus.

Bottom line: any business, home-based or not, web-based or not, needs to offer a product or service with a clear competitive advantage over its alternatives. Businesses that sell over the web need to offer products/services that customers will be happy to receive via the web – that means a time lag while a product is shipped to them, an inability to experience the product firsthand before the purchase, etc.

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