Can a person make reasonable income crocheting from home or working for an online business?

I am trying to find a work from home business or job. Where I can get paid to crochet. I have not had much success so I am trying to see if other might lead me in the right direction.

You will have to spend a lot of time crocheting and selling. It will be slow at times and others you won’t. The product is not high in demand, so the probability of you making enough money to support yourself, is low. You need to crochet a lot and push the product a lot. Try the baby items. That would be one good start.
If you really want to work from home, I suggest you get involved in a business that has a product and service that’s high in demand. Doesn’t mean you can’t crochet and sale your items. But have something that can bring you in a steady income residually for when times are slow. I have created a blog on my 360 profile on home based business opportunities. Your more then welcome to take a look at them for some ideas of things to do along side of your crochet business. You can sale them on E-bay, swap meets, botiques etc. A lot of possibilities for you, but also a lot of work you’ll need to put into it. But if you enjoy it, then do it.
If you need more ideas of where to go and where to sale, feel free to email me at

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