Affiliate Marketing Leverage Tips: 4 Different Methods to Leverage Your Affiliate List

Building you own list of subscribers is vital to your affiliate marketing business. Besides the process of building your list, you will also have to stay focus on building a good relationship with your subscribers so that they will be more responsive to your offers. You will want to fully leverage on the list that you have build so that you get the best return. Here are the 4 methods that you can use to leverage your list:

1) Promoting Backend And Residual Program

The subscribers might or might not have purchase the 1st lead product that you are promoting. It will be ok as your lead product is just used to lead them to your sales funnel. You will want to plan on promoting more relevant products to them. Once you have build a good relationship with them, they will be trust you better and they will be more responsive to your offer. Besides offering a product which is more expensive, you will want to offer a recurring affiliate product to them so that you will earn recurring commission if they purchase the product.

2) Promote A CPA Program

CPA can be simple defined as the “Cost Per Action” affiliate program where you will be paid whenever your referral joins a list or they get something for free from the merchant company. You will be able to find something which you can give away to your subscribers for free while earning some money. This will be a good way to earn extra money.

3) Directing Your Subscribers To Your Website To Read The Content

This is a good and simple method which you can use. While you want to give valuable content to them, you will want to make sure that you can monetize from the content. You can place the content on your website and put in adsense advertisement or other paid advertisement where you will be paid if the visitors click on the ads. Whenever you want to give content, you can just direct them to your website or blog.

4) Do Ad Swapping With Other People

If you have a good number of people in your list, you can do ad swapping with other people who has their own list on the same market as you. This will be a good way of expanding your list fast as you can instantly get access to the other person’s list. When you have a bigger responsive list, you will be able to fully monetize from them.

Here are the 4 different methods that you can used to fully leverage your list so that you will be able to get the maximum return out of your list. Do make use of the 4 different methods today to start getting the results that you richly deserved.

Zack Lim

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